Apr 28, 2015

Diesel Powered Podcast Micro-Cast: Dieselpunk Comics #32 4/29/2015

"Big Daddy Cool" Johnny Dellarocca is back from vacation with a new episode of Dieselpunk Comics, with new comics on shelves for Weds 4/29/2015 as well as a review of some cool titles that were released during our hiatus!

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Apr 5, 2015

Diesel Powered Podcast #56 - Dieselpunk 101 #2

Episode 56: Big Daddy Cool and Boss Larry Amyett welcome new co-host Daisy O'Dair to her first regular Diesel Powered Podcast. What? Where's the Amazing Mr. Wofford? Well he amazingly miss placed his mic so he's here in spirit. 

So join us as Johnny reviews the new book Dieselpunk: Retro Futures of the All-American Art Deco Years and Tales of the Gold Monkey before diving into Diesel Punk 101: Types or Flavors of Diesel Punk!

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Apr 2, 2015

Diesel Powered Podcast Music Special - Rockabilly!

The Amazing Mr. Wofford treats all the hep cats and cool kittens to some awesome rockabilly sounds in this cool spring music special!


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